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Strategic marketer returning to work leads the launch of new consumer product in a part-time role

Talented returner falls through traditional recruitment radar

Katherine, a senior strategic big brand marketeer, was exploring her return-to-work options. With outstanding previous experience and performance in global consumer products, she was keen to find an interesting and challenging role that also accommodated her new priorities: a business located close to home, and fewer days in the office.

The client – a global healthcare company – was seeking support for a very specific project, investigation into the launch of a new consumer product. Their challenge was that they required an extremely high level of strategic consumer marketing capability but had neither the requirement nor the budget for a strategic marketeer to work in the role full-time.
They had tried recruiting through more traditional channels but had failed to find the appropriate level of skills and expertise they needed. (It later transpired that these original recruiters had Katherine’s details registered all along, but they never chose to explore the flexible options with either the candidate or client).

While there were many other candidates who fitted the profile, it was a perfect match with Katherine.

The business location was perfect, only a bike ride away. The household-name company met her profile aspirations. And the actual work, the project itself, was stimulating and autonomous.

Meanwhile, the client couldn’t believe their luck. Here they had an incredibly talented marketeer with extremely relevant and valuable experience and capabilities, who they could not have afforded to hire on a full time basis. But offering the ability to work fewer days, and with an element of working from home too, they were able to hire Katherine within the reduced headcount budget. Katherine and the client were an excellent match and their working relationship, from such a strong start, extended beyond the initial contract and they continued to work together for a further 12 months. 

An amazing investment to achieve new life priorities

As time has gone on, Katherine has continued to work consistently in part-time contract roles. She has maintained the blue chip company pedigree, has secured more senior roles, and, critically, has not had to compromise on the flexible working arrangement.

Katherine was especially pleased about her new role because the traditional recruiters she had approached had been unable to find a challenging role with part-time options. Traditional recruiters suggested that she had been out of the market for too long and that her request for part-time working was a barrier to finding a new position. CJ. Talent, however, had better understood her real requirements and preferences, and matched her accurately for a role that was the first step in her next executive journey.

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