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Recruit in-house Legal Counsel

We work with a diverse range of clients looking for Legal and Compliance Managers.  They may be looking for individuals to join existing in-house teams, or to work in a stand-alone capacity.

In many of the fast-moving, rapidly-growing businesses we work with, the amount of legal resource required can be considerable. Hiring experts to manage key areas can be crucial and it’s generally the case that it’s more cost effective to hire internally than use external resource on a long term basis.

We recruit for roles including Associates, In-house lawyers, Head of Legal, Compliance Managers, and Legal Consultants.

Offering flexible working in the legal sector is key to retaining and attracting talent. It is also important for improving gender diversity at senior level.

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Why hire a legal or compliance manager?

Hiring a legal or compliance manager is essential for organisations to navigate complex legal landscapes and ensure adherence to regulations. These professionals play a pivotal role in mitigating legal risks, safeguarding the company’s reputation, and avoiding costly legal disputes.

A legal or compliance manager develops and implements policies and procedures, ensuring that the organisation operates within the bounds of the law. They monitor regulatory changes, conduct internal audits, and provide guidance to management, fostering a culture of ethical behaviour and legal compliance.

By having a dedicated expert in these areas, businesses can proactively address legal challenges, maintain ethical standards, and safeguard against potential financial and reputational damage, thereby promoting long-term sustainability and success.

How CJ. Talent can help you recruit a legal or compliance manager

CJ. Talent streamlines your search for a legal or compliance manager, ensuring precision and efficiency. Leveraging a vast network and cutting-edge technology, we connect you with highly qualified professionals who not only possess the requisite legal and compliance expertise but also align with your company’s values.

Our tailored recruitment approach emphasises diversity, ensuring a well-rounded candidate pool. In recognition of evolving work trends, CJ. Talent advocates for flexibility in working arrangements. We understand the importance of work-life balance and offer solutions that cater to diverse scheduling needs.

By embracing flexible working options, we attract top-tier talent, promoting a culture of productivity and employee satisfaction. Trust CJ. Talent to navigate the complexities of hiring legal and compliance managers while prioritising a modern approach that accommodates the changing dynamics of the professional landscape.

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