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part time hr director builds new department

Part-time HR Director builds new department in high growth financial services firm

High quality work but not high volume

The client, a corporate finance firm focusing on telecoms, media and technology, wished to recruit an HR professional to set up and manage a new HR department. This HR director would need to be comfortable with a fast paced, highly professional working environment. The client had an immediate need – to address staff turnover at a junior level in the business, and they also wanted to improve processes and procedures to ensure the highest standards of professionalism. The role, with its strong strategic requirements, was very high level, but in reality the volume of work didn’t warrant a full-time hire, so the client was keen to engage a highly capable individual as their part time HR director.

New expectations

The successful candidate was a highly experienced HR Director with excellent credentials and a successful career. However, she was now looking for a different work-life balance. Although her needs had changed, this candidate wanted to achieve her new balance without sacrificing the stature of position, the quality of work or the pedigree of company that she had achieved throughout her career. Having led HR departments in the professional services industry, and with a strong personality that suited the client’s style, she was a perfect match.

Delivering to order

Both candidate and client were delighted that their needs could be met. Both had assumed they would have to compromise at least some of their requirements, but instead they negotiated a contract that was ideal for them both. CJ. Talent had correctly positioned the role, accurately identified the prime motivations on both sides, moved the process through the necessary negotiations and achieved a true win-win for both the client and the candidate. The new part-time HR director quickly got to work building a high performing HR department for the client and both the department, and the firm, continue to go from strength to strength.

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