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CJ Flexible Employer Campaign

Be the workplace of the future with the CJ Flex Employer Campaign

A growing number of employers are opening their doors to flexibility but aren’t necessarily communicating it. We talk to a lot of businesses who see this as a really positive step-change, but if a flexible working option isn’t advertised then candidates, or even employees, simply won’t know you offer it.

The reality is that 87% of the working population wants to work flexibly, but the problem is that only 15% of UK Job ads state they are open to this.

This isn’t a Generation X or working mum issue either. A staggering 92% of millennials and 88% of 35-54 year olds, both men and women, want to work this way. Just imagine how many talented candidates a business is losing, simply because they didn’t advertise that they’re happy to discuss flexibility?

And the consequence of not advertising you’re open to flexibility as an employer? Missing out on a very large and fast-growing talent pool.

This is the reason why we launched the CJ Flexible Employer Campaign. We want employers to showcase and be proud that they’re open to employees and candidates working this way.

About the CJ Flexible Employer Campaign

By joining the CJ Flexible Employer Campaign, you will immediately increase the range of high-quality candidates available to you.

It also demonstrates that you are a forward-thinking, innovative organisation, which makes you a far more attractive business to work for.

We want to work with employers to start making that change and move the dial to increase the amount of flexible jobs on offer to senior-level candidates.

Who can take part?

The Campaign is open to any employer who supports flexible working in their workplace and who offer all, or a range of flexible working options, such as:

  • Remote working
  • Part Time hours
  • Flexible working hours or days
  • Job share

Are you interested?

As part of the Campaign employers can choose from a range of options through our website or social media. These include:

  • A feature case study on our site
  • Inclusion in our directory of flexible employers featuring your logo and a link to your site
  • Social media exposure via CJ Talent channels
  • Unlimited use of our CJ Flexible Employer logo
  • Access to enter our annual CJ Flexible Employer of the Year Awards

With over 10,000 visitors to our website every month, exposure to our employer and candidate base of over 20,000 senior professionals and an audience of over 13,000 people through our social media channels, what a great way to promote your organisation.

There are so many business benefits to working flexibly. Don’t you think it’s time to unlock that talent pool?

Register now to become a CJ Flexible Employer 

Alternatively, contact Sian Mansbridge

Please note: inclusion in this Campaign is at the discretion of CJ Talent Ltd.

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