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HR Manager Recruitment

Many of our clients come to us to hire their first in-house HR Manager, Director or recruitment professional. Others are keen to add to their existing human resources team but don’t need to recruit a full-time person. By bringing credible HR talent in-house, it enables companies to cut costs and add value. With our extensive pool of quality candidates, we’re always ready to supply our clients’ businesses with HR directors and managers.

We recruit across the whole spectrum of roles, from HR Consultant to HR Manager and HR Director. This also includes specialist Learning & Development and Recruitment roles through to maternity cover and interim roles. Our candidates have a breadth of HR skills and sector mix ensuring we’re able to find the right candidate for your position.

C.J. Talent alumni currently hold roles including HR Advisor, Head of People, Head of HR, HR Director, Talent Development Manager & HR Business Partner. Read more about how to hire an HR Director on our blog.

Why hire an HR Manager?

Hiring an HR Manager is essential for businesses as they play a crucial role in creating a positive work environment, promoting employee well-being, and ensuring compliance with employment laws. They strategically manage the workforce, attracting and retaining top talent, while also overseeing employee recruitment and onboarding.

HR Managers foster employee engagement, implement performance management systems, and handle conflict resolution, maintaining harmonious employee relations. They also ensure legal compliance and develop HR policies for consistent and fair treatment of employees.

By managing compensation, benefits, and training programs, they contribute to employee growth and job satisfaction. With their expertise, businesses can navigate HR complexities, focus on their core objectives, and build a motivated, high-performing workforce for sustained success.

How CJ. Talent can help you recruit an HR Manager?

C.J. Talent is your ideal partner in recruiting a top-notch HR Manager. With our vast expertise and extensive pool of high-quality candidates, we are well-equipped to find the perfect fit for your organisation. Our process begins by understanding your specific HR needs and the unique culture of your company.

Our team of skilled recruiters will conduct a thorough search and assessment to identify candidates with the right skill set, experience, and cultural fit. We handle the entire recruitment process, from sourcing and screening right through to interviews, and reference checks, saving you time and effort.

C.J. Talent takes pride in its ability to attract high calibre HR Managers with a proven track record in strategic people management, talent development, and compliance. Whether you need a seasoned HR leader or a rising star in the field, we have the talent to meet your requirements. Let C.J. Talent be your trusted partner in finding the perfect HR Manager who will drive your organisation’s success.

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