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Part Time Finance Director Recruitment

Our SME clients often come to us having previously used an accountancy firm as a resource, but now want to take that spend and invest it internally in a part-time or flexible Finance Director or Controller role. Other clients come to us to add to their existing team, implementing flexible working solutions that meet their business needs within their finance function.

We can help clients recruit the best flexible financial talent. That might be a standalone Financial Controller or Finance Manager who can do everything from management accounts to payroll, managing budgets and forecasting, a Financial Director who can manage the financial business planning, or a part-time CFO needed to advise on strategy and direction.

Our network of experienced and credible candidates come from a wealth of sectors with both SME and larger corporate experience behind them.

Read our blog about How to grow your Finance Team, or learn more about how we found a flexible Finance Director for this family-run consultancy that was ready to scale up. 

Why hire a Finance Director?

Hiring a Finance Director offers a range of benefits to a company. They bring strategic financial expertise and insight, helping to align financial goals with overall business objectives. Finance Directors excel in financial management, implementing robust controls and processes to optimise performance and mitigate risks.
Their expertise in financial reporting and analysis enables informed decision-making and drives business growth. Additionally, Finance Directors play a key role in cash flow management, ensuring sufficient liquidity for operations and growth initiatives. They also contribute to fundraising efforts and capital structure optimisation, identifying opportunities to secure funding and optimise the company’s financial structure.

With their knowledge of regulatory requirements and corporate governance, Finance Directors ensure compliance and promote transparency and accountability. Hiring a Finance Director empowers a company with strong financial leadership and strategic guidance, enhancing financial performance and positioning the organisation for long-term success.

How CJ. Talent can help you recruit a finance director


CJ. Talent is well-equipped to assist you in recruiting a part-time or flexible finance director. With our extensive experience and expertise in finance recruitment, we provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to your specific needs.
Our vast candidate network includes highly qualified finance professionals, including finance directors, with diverse industry backgrounds. We thoroughly screen and assess candidates, evaluating their qualifications, skills, and cultural fit to ensure we present you with the most suitable candidates.

Understanding that every company is unique, we work closely with you to understand your requirements, company culture, and strategic objectives. We know that companies often require part time, flexible or hybrid staff, which allows us to customise our recruitment approach and identify candidates who align with your organisation’s needs.

With our proactive candidate sourcing strategies, we cast a wide net to attract both active and passive job seekers, ensuring access to top talent. We handle the entire recruitment process efficiently, coordinating interviews and providing ongoing support.

At CJ. Talent, we prioritise confidentiality and handle all candidate and client information with discretion. Our goal is to find you a finance director who possesses the necessary expertise and leadership qualities to drive your financial success. Partner with us for a seamless and effective recruitment experience.

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