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part-time marketing and business development role

Candidate secures part-time marketing and business development role in order to pursue passion for charity work

Specialised skillset

The role presented by this client required a really specific combination of experience, skills and personality. The business was growing and a need for more input in marketing and business development had been identified. In addition, a partner was retiring and a particular element of their professional expertise needed replacing. The ideal would be to combine both requirements into one role, but this individual would also need gravitas, professional credibility, people management and significant experience of financial markets: a tall order, particularly when the part-time marketing and business development role was only for three days per week!

Made for each other

Thanks to our excellent understanding of both our clients and our candidates, we were immediately able to identify one individual who filled all the necessary requirements and who was looking for a new challenge; we knew they were perfect for the part time marketing and business development role. Following a successful city career the candidate had set up and managed her own financial services business. She now undertook contract work in order to focus on the part-time charity work that was her real passion. Driven, autonomous, incredible industry credentials, marketing & business development experience, strategically minded, definitely interested in no more than a three-day working week. They were two sides of the same coin.


It’s uncommon for our account management team to only offer one CV to a client but in this case, only one was needed. And similarly, it was the first and only role that the candidate considered with CJ Talent. In this case, we knew we didn’t need to source more candidates – we had already hit jackpot.

Very little negotiation was needed. The candidate has happily stayed with the business, her role is now broader but she still has flexible terms, and she has subsequently engaged CJ Talent to recruit for another role.

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