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Using AI for job applications

With the value of the AI market expected to grow twentyfold by 2030 (Next Move Strategy Consulting), we’re likely only scratching the surface regarding how AI can support our job roles in the future. For many, the likes of Chat GPT have become a frequent aid in supporting our daily tasks, but when does AI become a help or hindrance when looking to further our career? Whilst there are many AI tools that can support in refining and developing your job application, it’s key to remember that a CV should always remain a true representation of you and your skills & experience. Therefore, at CJ. Talent, we’re firm believers that job applications must always have the human touch – as these are the applications that will always stand out to future employers.

Recently, on a LinkedIn poll, the CJ. Talent team asked…

“When (if ever) is it ok to use AI in the job application process?”

The survey yielded diverse opinions on AI’s place in job applications. A significant 30.7% stated they would use it to improve their CV, whilst only 11% felt it is ok to use on their application letters. 29.4% felt that they were happy to use AI for anything related to the job application process, whilst a notable 24.6% of our audience felt that in no circumstance was it ok to use AI.

In light of these findings, we wanted to delve into where AI can support in the job application process whilst identifying the areas candidates should exercise caution.

Crafting a compelling CV and cover letter

Whilst here at CJ. Talent, we advise you should never use AI to write your CV and cover letter for you, it can however, be an excellent tool to help refine your existing copy and structure. This might include asking Chat GPT or Google Bard whether there are any aspects missing on your CV, through to using AI to support with whether the flow reads engagingly. AI can help you create a structure for your CV, highlight your key competencies, and suggest relevant keywords and phrases that resonate with potential employers.

But one of the many risks of AI is the potential for bias. This is especially pertinent with CV writing, as AI algorithms can contain inherent biases that could disadvantage certain candidates. These biases may be embedded in the algorithms due to historical data, preconceived notions, or societal stereotypes, potentially disadvantaging certain candidates based on factors beyond their skills and qualifications.

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Ensuring spelling and grammatical consistency

For many, tools such as Hemingway and Grammarly can be saviours in our day to day roles. Able to highlight grammatical and spelling errors, these AI assistants can be an excellent support during the job application process. Use when creating your CV, cover letter and integrate with your email provider – ensuring all communication with your recruitment agency or potential employer is error-free.

Boosting your confidence when preparing for interviews

A whole host of AI-powered interview preparation tools are there to support you in a successful interview. Tools such as Interview Prep AI can simulate real interviews, helping candidates to hone their skills before the big day, whilst the cutting-edge tool Yoodli has helped candidates land jobs at McKinsey & Co., Google and Goldman Sachs. Able to ask contextual follow-ups to questions, these AI platforms can support candidates looking for a Junior PM role all the way up to a CEO position.  

Whilst these tools are an excellent way to enhance your overall interview performance, it’s important not to rely on them overly. With many of them in their early iterations, they’re unlikely yet to have the sophistication of a human interviewer, and therefore, you may miss out on critical areas to prepare.  

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Better showcasing your skills

As a candidate, your skills are your currency in the job market. Using AI-powered tools such as EdCast, a learning experience platform that improves your skills related to your interests, helps to add breadth to your CV.  Many of these tools not only improve your proficiency in key areas, but platforms such as Coursera can also highlight how your skills measure up against industry benchmarks.

Continuously upskilling

Your journey doesn’t end once you’ve landed the job. AI can continue to be your ally in career development. Platforms like Eloomi provide insights into skill gaps and recommend personalised learning and development opportunities. This ensures that you stay relevant in a dynamic job market, continuously improving and advancing in your career.

In the employment industry, we’re just beginning to see the possibilities of how AI will be able to support the job application process in the future. But as new platforms emerge, it’s crucial to keep in mind that AI should serve as a supportive tool rather than a replacement for our efforts.

At CJ. Talent, we will always continue to have a hands-on approach when it comes to recruitment. What sets us apart as a business is our expertise in relationship building and our nuanced understanding of our clients’ and candidates’ needs. So we firmly believe that the human touch will always carry more weight than AI in navigating the intricate landscape of talent acquisition.

At CJ. Talent, we’re your partners in navigating the complexities of talent acquisition. Offering part time and flexible recruitment for over 17 years, we have the know-how to support you with identifying skill gaps and your ideal candidates, whilst offering insights and advice throughout the entirety of the recruitment process.

If you want to learn more about what we do and how we can assist you in finding and attracting the talent your business needs, get in touch with us today. We’re always ready to chat.

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