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Capability Jane is now CJ Talent

Capability Jane is now CJ Talent: the reasons for the rebrand.

Capability Jane is now CJ Talent. It’s a change we thought long and hard about before going ahead.

Since our inception as Capability Jane, our business has been synonymous with flexible working. Long before COVID-19 and the subsequent shift in attitudes towards flexible, hybrid, part-time and home-working, we were pioneering the approach and establishing ourselves as a consistent and credible market leader.  

Our history – who we were

Our model from the start was to provide high-growth SMEs with talented candidates who would add value and fuel growth to growing businesses. In the late 2000s, our candidate profile was predominantly women looking for senior positions in corporate roles following a career break, with the flexibility they needed.

Flexible and part-time roles weren’t to be found so readily in the corporate space then, and hybrid working didn’t exist as we know it today. However, scale-ups and high-growth companies in the more entrepreneurial and agile environments were keen to find skilled and knowledgeable candidates who could work part-time and flexibly for their senior and leadership roles. That’s where we came in. Capability Jane filled that gap in the market, and we quickly established a considerable follower and candidate community. We were trailblazers and pioneers of this way of working.

Evolution of work 

Over the last 5 years, we have witnessed a complete change in our candidate profile. The age group widened, and the gender balance changed, with our male candidates growing to 46% of our community. Work patterns and, therefore, the terminology has also changed. Part-time no longer fits the bill; it is one of many types of flexible working. Practices and terms, including hybrid, flexible and remote, were now becoming the standard for candidates and companies. We’ve adapted our approach to suit, opening up our USP to be flexible working for everyone, not just women returners.

We have seen a significant shift in attitudes towards true flexibility, with requests for flexible working increasing dramatically, as has our ability to support businesses looking for flexible senior talent.

Becoming CJ Talent

These changes made us step back and review our brand; Capability Jane now didn’t necessarily reflect the company we have become or the candidates we represent. 

After much research, we decided that CJ Talent was an ideal choice. This more inclusive name and brand allows us to continue doing what we do best with no barriers. That is, delivering experienced and knowledgeable candidates to high-growth SMEs!

We are excited about this next step in our journey and glad to have you with us and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

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