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Our services

Hiring part time talent on a permanent basis enables our clients to plan for the long term. We can help you to hire talent that can develop and grow along with your business. Bringing resources in-house on a permanent contract can be far more affordable in the long term than using third party external providers. The benefits of hiring part time talent may surprise you. 

Interim offers even more flexibility. Our interim talent work as self-employed consultants bringing immediate knowledge and skills into your team. Many of our clients ask us to help them recruit to build pools of associates who can be brought in to deal with peaks and troughs and client projects.

Fixed term contracts offer flexibility to bring in specialist skills and knowledge for a specific project or to cover for absence. If your business has a talent gap but you don’t know if it is a permanent need, a contract based role could suit you.

Contact us to find out more about the options available, and how we can help.