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STAR CANDIDATE Sales Director / Chief Growth Officer

Key skills

Strategic sales/revenue planning

Strong focus on people and culture to attract and retain key talent

Able to work closely with Board colleagues

Comfortable presenting high stakes presentations to large audiences

Sales Director / Chief Growth Officer

Role: Sales Director/Chief Growth Officer

Job type: Permanent

Preferred work pattern: Up to 3 days a week

Locations: London/South East/ Remote

Salary: £120,000 or £800 day rate

Profile & experience

This candidate helps companies grow with a strategic plan – honing in on the financials and where the money is really coming from. They work on all aspects of sales/business development/client retention/revenue growth.  They also have a strong focus on people and culture so that businesses attract and retain the right talent.

This candidate also works closely with Founders, CEOs and Directors on identifying and achieving their business goals, and has extensive experience both as an employee and as a self-employed consultant.

Driven and resilient, this candidate can think laterally and is as comfortable cold calling as presenting on a stage or being part of a Board.